Moved to tears

Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience

Crying is the shedding of tears in response to an emotional state in humans.
The best thing an artist can do is generate a plethora of emotions in us. I remember crying to Little Girl – Enrique Iglesias years back. And any song by Mumford and Sons leaves my heart effusive; unrestrained and overflowing.
Having a highly imaginative mind can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Feeling everything the artist means to convey, every bit, is an emotional process. I remember reading The Kite Runner and crying over it. The book left me teary-eyed and my emotions in a turmoil. The anguish, the pain, the sorrow, the hurt; all of it, was worth crying over.
Now coming on to recent experiences, yesterday I was watching Deathly Hallows (for the millionth time) and the scene where the Golden Trio returns from the boat house where Snape was killed to discover the Casualties of War left me in tears. Despite knowing the characters are fictitious, my heart went out to Fred, who had so much light in him. To George, who lost a twin, a brother and had the light in him diffused. To Remus and Tonks, whose love didn’t live long, barely starting with their lives. To Little Ted, who had just started living and already lost so much.
Literally, it must have been the 15th or 16th time that I was watching this movie, but it still rendered me emotional.


One comment

  1. Jeyna Grace · September 8, 2014

    Some stories will forever move our hearts..

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