Carpe Diem

I’m going to turn 19 in a while and I’ve done some major thinking today.
I’m a snarky sarcastic bitch. I wasn’t always a cynic. Guess that’s what happens when you read and watch a lot of reality.
I waste a lot of time thinking about things, about people who simply don’t matter. Yesterday, I got to watching Devil’s Double and then followed up by reading Uday Saddam Hussain‘s vile life history and spent the whole day in passive depression. I shouldn’t have. What I should’ve done is, treat it like fiction and carry on with being merry. Its not just me, every one of us, we spend our lives thinking about, fussing on, getting depressed about, obsessing on things that don’t matter.
We cannot control everything. What we can control is our state of being, our happiness. If we continue to dwell upon the misgivings of others, we will die a unceremonious woeful life. There is Judgement Day coming along, everything will be dealt with. We needn’t worry. The people around us, who really matter, are happy when we are.
So this brand new year,
I’m going to get high on life till everything else ceases to exist. Life is short, time is precious ; carpe diem.

PS: I’ll deal with my procrastination and my superpower of incredible laziness next year.
PPS : Happy Birthday to me!


One comment

  1. Feminine and Feline · October 24, 2014

    Happy birthday!

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