My Waiting Woes

I’ve been standing for the past two hours. Why? Well, because I’m 20 and haven’t had my passport renewed since I left my blissful life as a minor. Now I know why sloth is a sin and people yes, you do get punished for this sin.

And during this tiring wait, I’ve come to realise, amidst countless sighs and leg shifting, that I cannot stand being bored. Now I’m recalling all those horrible Bollywood movies where when the plot got boring I turned to my 2048. And I can never pay attention in classes (unless its math) and usually stick to a book. And my mind literally shuts down my auditory sensors when someone’s being boring, and wanders somewhere else.

Right now, the internet is too slow on my phone, there is no WiFi here and I’ve exhausted my 2048 playing limit. So, with no diversions of Facebook and Insta, I’ve settled on behaving as a typical teenager and writing about my woes on social media.

Ciao people!

PS: There’s no fly in this godforsaken establishment that I can stare at.


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