Mirror Of The Dark


In the dark forest of pain,
With grey skies and dead trees,
Exists the mirror of the dark

It sees the pain, the sorrow, the grief
And the scalding scars that run  deep
It is always there, it is always watching,
When new cuts are inflicted
and the old wounds are licked

It watches people running through the dark maze of despair
It watches the turmoil  of emotions  in this ironic fair,
It reflects the hurt, the  confusion, the melancholy
It reflects the soul being ripped to shreds

The ever watchful oculus is still there
Reminiscing the  blue skies and sunny days,
With its joys, the warmth, the contentment
But the skies are always grey now, Without the stars and devoid of hope

The oculus will still be watching,
When the pawns of the chessboard wither and die
When the lives burn down to ashes
And it will  forever reflect
The hallowing cries of anguish, of pain and of hurt
And the mirror of  the dark
Will forever remain haunting the forest of pain. 


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