Storms Of Dishonesty


Beneath the clear sky
I ask you about your lie
What secrets do you keep?
How well do you sleep?

The sky gets clouded
And with rage my eyes are blinded
Your lies spread like a plague
And my love is getting vague

The rain starts to fall
And you dare to stand tall
Guess you were not taught
That every lie is eventually caught

The rain is pounding hard
You won’t leave without being scarred
The deception is strangling
You know there’s a storm coming

You start to choke on your existence
But this is not a land of repentance
The storm rages and you start to die
I shout out ‘Do you still want to lie?’



  1. LiteraryFuzz · June 16, 2015

    This is fantastic, when I have a bit more time I shall come back and read some more of your stuff! Keep on writing 🙂

  2. manvikathuria19 · June 17, 2015

    It’s amazing . I have read almost all your posts n they all are brilliantly written. Keep writing !! 😊
    Keep writing!! 😊

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