It Is The Place

I come from the heat

Sometimes it warmed my soul,

Comforting my bones and my insides    

Till it didn’t hurt anymore 

Till all the hollows of my soul were filled with the comfort of heat

And all I could do was laugh and love
Other times it burnt my skin

With flames too high to control

Melting me to indescribable puddles of disfigured mess                                          

That hardened a while later only to melt again
Now I have come to the wind                  

And it is beautiful and miserable all at once                                                

Sometimes it is strong and takes the heaviness away                           

Othertimes it is stronger and colder     

And it makes me miss the heat                

But it is lethal at its strongest            

Giving me an exhilarating high and a devastating low                                   

Making me scared and fearless all at once

Until all I am is a tiny little human    

Trying not to lose myself in the wind



Do You Wanna Fight?

You seem angry and I am bored
So let’s get feisty and start a brawl
We can fight about the past, or the present or the future,
Or as you slam your whiskey on the insect,
We can fight about the creature you just tortured
We can fight about how loud and boisterous you are
And how you curse like a sailor
We can fight about how stupid your name sounds
And how lonely I am without you around
We can fight about your teaspoon worth of emotions,
Or about your pitiful taste in music
We can even fight about your questionable life choices
And about the pretentious way you speak
We can scream till our faces turn red,
Or beat each other till one of us is dead
We can fight and fight and fight
About how drunk and stupid you are
About how hard in love I fall
Or we can hug and make up
And not fight at all

The Pit We Are Pushed In


Sometimes, there are moments when we realise how sad we are, how dissatisfied we are and how much more we crave.

The even pitiful moments are when you realise that you have been this way for a very long time. You know how they say, “When we think we can’t fall any lower, life kicks us down again.” Well, it isn’t always life. Sometimes, its the people we surround ourselves with and the bitter experiences we go through.

Sometimes, people are driven by pride.  They think the world revolves around their happiness or the lack there of. And if in any inopportune moment, we manage to find a fleeting form of happiness, they kick us back down and succeed to make us miserable.

Its sad how often the people close to us manage to passive-aggressively bully us until we fall back down quietly in a pit of despair. They know where to hurt and they know how to hurt. And the saddest thing is, maybe this coming from a stranger could be brushed off easily, but coming from someone we love just makes us take more time to muster up all the courage and spirit needed to climb up the pit.

And maybe they think its our fault for being so literal. For thinking before we speak, because really, who does that? Why do that when you can spit out your uncouth words and manage to forget about them later? So conclusively, its our fault for thinking before speaking, for being afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. If only we could be more like them.

But we raised ourselves different. We taught ourselves better. And a day will come when we’ll climb the hell out of that pit like our lives depended on it. Maybe today we are so hurt that it feels like there’s a huge hole in our hearts. But soon, everything will be fine. Nothing lasts forever, and this too won’t. We’ll turn out fine. We did make it till here, didn’t we?

PS : As the Fort Atlantic sings, ‘ Let your heart hold fast, for it soon shall pass.’

Storms Of Dishonesty


Beneath the clear sky
I ask you about your lie
What secrets do you keep?
How well do you sleep?

The sky gets clouded
And with rage my eyes are blinded
Your lies spread like a plague
And my love is getting vague

The rain starts to fall
And you dare to stand tall
Guess you were not taught
That every lie is eventually caught

The rain is pounding hard
You won’t leave without being scarred
The deception is strangling
You know there’s a storm coming

You start to choke on your existence
But this is not a land of repentance
The storm rages and you start to die
I shout out ‘Do you still want to lie?’

Mirror Of The Dark


In the dark forest of pain,
With grey skies and dead trees,
Exists the mirror of the dark

It sees the pain, the sorrow, the grief
And the scalding scars that run  deep
It is always there, it is always watching,
When new cuts are inflicted
and the old wounds are licked

It watches people running through the dark maze of despair
It watches the turmoil  of emotions  in this ironic fair,
It reflects the hurt, the  confusion, the melancholy
It reflects the soul being ripped to shreds

The ever watchful oculus is still there
Reminiscing the  blue skies and sunny days,
With its joys, the warmth, the contentment
But the skies are always grey now, Without the stars and devoid of hope

The oculus will still be watching,
When the pawns of the chessboard wither and die
When the lives burn down to ashes
And it will  forever reflect
The hallowing cries of anguish, of pain and of hurt
And the mirror of  the dark
Will forever remain haunting the forest of pain. 

Happily Ever After


Oh, my desolate self
Amid the sinning folk
With a bleak face and a miserable soul

Light a fire in your heart
Bring the passion in your eyes
Lift your soul and be wise

The world is not going to change
And it won’t turn better
So destroy the world
And thy soul shall live happily ever after

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt

The Switch


I remember a time
A time when everything made us happy
The cartoon show with the catchy tune,
The summer rain and walks under the moon

I remember a time
When we didn’t need the vodka,
And the high of marijuana
When love was not a reward
And the pipe wasn’t adored

The time isn’t gone
All we need for is the light to be strong
All we need for is the love without condition
And we’ll get the happiness beyond imagination

The dark will be full of colors
And the sun will shine bright
So won’t you hold your hand out,
And just turn on the light?